WWE Stomping Grounds: Who Will Be The Special Guest Referee For The Universal Title Match?

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

For reasons unknown, Baron Corbin was declared as Seth Rollins‘ Universal Championship challenger at the inaugural PPV “WWE Stomping Grounds”. Rollins beat him clean as a whistle at WWE Super ShowDown, but the post-match attack was likely what set up the rematch. Not that it makes any storyline sense, but that has been the case for a while now.

Either way, the story is that Baron Corbin gets to choose whoever he wants as the special guest referee of the match. The first one who stepped up and offered to fill that role was Sami Zayn. He even had a “trial run” so to speak on the main event of RAW on 10th June, naturally being a biased referee in Rollins’ match against Kevin Owens.

The match is going to be a chaotic one when it does happen at Stomping Grounds, which is why the referee involved will play a vital role. Here are five superstars who can be the special guest referee.

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