WWE Super ShowDown 2019: 5 Things WWE Must Avoid Doing

Photo credit: FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images

We’re days away from WWE Super ShowDown and it looks to be an interesting PPV. While this is far from WWE’s best card on paper, it’s usually those that have low expectations that end up being the ones that deliver the most. Either way, the show feels more of an “obligation”. It isn’t exactly a PPV where WWE storylines are being expanded.

If anything, it really feels like a one-off. Think about it – even with the expected outcomes, not much is set to change from a storyline perspective. Everything will continue on RAW a few days later exactly how it was before and they’ll be right back building up the next PPV.

However, the issue is that quite a few things can still go wrong. To prevent that, these are the things that WWE must avoid.

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