5 Things We Learned From NXT Takeover XXV

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The 25th edition of NXT Takeover certainly saw a major milestone being marked. It’s crazy to think that in over five years, we’ve witnessed 25 NXT Takeover specials, all of which have been magical in their own way. It’s incredible to think that in 25 editions over five years, fans are yet to witness a bad Takeover special.

NXT isn’t perfect. There have been periods (such as 2016) which were an overall lull in the product. Despite this, the superstars of NXT have been able to constantly deliver on the big stage, out-doing the main roster PPV performances every single time, with the exception of one or two specials.

The 25th edition was another big notch on their belt and we learned a lot of new things about NXT and its superstars. Here are the five most important things.

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