NXT Takeover XXV: 5 Superstars Who Shined The Brightest

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

NXT Takeover: XXV was a monumental event in WWE. It was a major milestone for the yellow and black brand, who began their specials in early 2014. In over five years of Takeovers, it’s absolutely crazy to think of how far the brand has come. The past five years have seen Takeovers as defining moments of the NXT brand.

We certainly saw NXT become “Undisputed” again as Adam Cole finally fulfilled his destiny, becoming NXT Champion. As with every single Takeover, the 25th editing delivered and more, featuring multiple top-level matches. Takeover specials have essentially been the difference maker and what removed the “developmental” title from NXT.

When you have superstars performing higher and better than the “top level”, then it says everything you need to know. Here are the superstars who shone the most.

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