5 Key Elements For All Elite Wrestling To Succeed

Photo Credit: Ricky Havlik

AEW drew first blood in what they want to make us believe is a “paradigm shift” in the wrestling business. While Tony Khan has been very humble and modest about everything, Cody Rhodes hasn’t been afraid to pull the punches, whether it was for interviews or even on-screen. He has seemingly made it clear that a war is coming and AEW is making all the preparations.

They’ve secured a TV deal, they have the backing of a billionaire in Tony Khan and they have top-tier talent, with many more superstars from other promotions looking to sign with them as well. Of course, it’s obviously too early to say, but October onwards will be the defining moments for All Elite Wrestling, as their television tapings begin around then.

AEW has all the potential in the world to succeed and be a legitimate alternative to WWE, but there are a few key things that they need to do in order to achieve their desired success.

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