5 Things WWE Needs To Do To Fire Back At All Elite Wrestling

Photo by Andrew Toth/FilmMagic

All Elite Wrestling was viewed as potential competition from the start. According to the Wrestling Observer NewsletterStephanie McMahon herself gave a pep talk to the WWE talent, admitting that AEW is competition. There have been a lot of potential candidates to be a #2 to WWE’s top spot in the pro wrestling industry, but everyone has tried and failed.

Many felt Impact Wrestling were the closest alternative, but managerial decisions seemingly prevented that. As for New Japan Pro Wrestling, it’s a different equation altogether. They don’t necessarily compete head-to-head with WWE directly, but they’re still profitable in their own right, with their top star Kazuchika Okada earning more than most top stars in WWE.

However, All Elite Wrestling has been clear that their intention is to give the industry a facelift and shake things up entirely. With the message sent loud and clear to WWE at their first PPV Double or Nothing, the company clearly has changes to make. Here are a few ways that WWE can fire back at AEW.

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