WWE Money In The Bank 2019: 5 Things WWE Did Right

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

WWE Money in the Bank 2019 turned out to be the best PPV of the year by quite a mile and we’re not even halfway through the year. Knowing WWE and their patterns, there’s a very high chance that this could very well end up being the PPV of the year. But credit where credit is due – WWE genuinely felt like they stepped up the game and tried something new.

Moreover, they really set the bar high for the rest of the PPVs of the year. If the rise of AEW means anything, then it’ll also mean that WWE will do all they can to make a better product. While the PPV was not flawless in itself, there was very little for fans to complain about, so much so that it would come across as nitpicking.

Either way, since the PPV in itself was positive, we’ll look at the positive aspects and what they got right.

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