WWE Money In The Bank 2019: 5 Surprises WWE Could Be Planning

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Money in the Bank 2019 is approaching and it’s a very important PPV. Not only is it basically the fifth (or even fourth) biggest PPV of the year, but it’s one that generally determines what the main event scene will look like for the remainder of the year, but it’ll also be the PPV that determines whether fans will begin to tune in properly again.

Admittedly, post-WrestleMania hasn’t been the strongest for WWE this year and with Money in the Bank, WWE has to give fans a reason to tune in. To do that, they need to avoid predictability and surprise fans with something new. It’ll also get people talking and can give hope as to what lies ahead in the year.

Here are a few possible swerves that WWE could throw at us at Money in the Bank.

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