WWE Money In The Bank 2019: 5 Superstars Who Need To Win

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Money in the Bank 2019 is just around the corner and it’s a pivotal PPV for WWE, perhaps even more than the last few MITB PPVs in recent years. The product isn’t exactly in its place creatively and week by week, many fans find the need to tune out. Luckily, with every PPV brings a renewed interest and WWE has a big chance to bring their lost viewers back.

In order to do that, WWE needs to ensure that the right people walk out victorious at MITB. It’s key that this happens because with a PPV as big as MITB, it generally determines the creative direction of the main event picture for the entire year. Simply by the results, many longtime fans will have an exact idea as to what lies ahead of them and whether there’s a reason to tune in.

Without getting much further, let’s look at the five superstars who most definitely need to win at Money in the Bank.

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