5 Best Talkers In WWE Today

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Being in WWE doesn’t just mean that a superstar has to be a good wrestler. Sure, having incredible in-ring ability does help, but if history has proven anything, in-ring ability and work rate comes a distant second to character work and mic skills. While many top promotions across the world emphasize a quality in-ring product, WWE chooses to emphasize more on things like character work.

Having a strong character and being a good talker is far more important to the company, because it’s this ability that truly helps superstars connect with the WWE Universe. The fact of the matter is that no matter how good NXT and NXT Takeover shows are in terms of match quality, the larger, main roster audience (or casual fans) always lean towards strong characters.

This is why many of the top faces of WWE over the years weren’t necessarily in-ring technicians, but they possessed charisma enough to connect with the WWE Universe and enough for fans to get invested in their matches. This era is a different one, but there are some great talkers as well. Here are the five best ones.

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