5 Indications That WWE’s Brand Split Could End Soon

WWE reintroduced the brand split in 2016 after ending it for nearly half a decade. The first version of it lasted for a good part of 8 years or so and it was a raving success. However, WWE eventually felt that they didn’t have a strong enough roster and they seemingly decided to merge the two rosters into one.

As a result, SmackDown suffered severely in quality for a good part of five years, all before it was injected with life again. In 2016, the brand split saw SmackDown get an incredible roster and the results were seen in the programming. The quality of SmackDown increased big time, with the blue brand unanimously being considered the superior brand. Minus a dud year in 2017, the overall quality of SmackDown since the brand split has undoubtedly been better.

Yet, all the signs seem to indicate that WWE is putting a quick end to the brand split once again. With less than three years since it happened, it appears to be a big mistake, but one that’s going to happen regardless. Here are five major indications to prove it.

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