5 Things You Need To Know About Jon Moxley

t Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Dean Ambrose after leaving WWE wasted little to no time in announcing his return to the fray. While he hasn’t outright said anything, he did post a video on Twitter which basically revealed that he’s returning as Jon Moxley. While there isn’t much knowledge about where he’s going, it’s certainly caused a lot of excitement.

After all, he did feel that WWE was holding him back creatively and the frustrations led to him opting not to renew his contract. Now, as Moxley again, he has the entire wrestling world at his feet and many doors waiting to be opened for him. One would think that he’s going to become a much bigger star than before and he will certainly have no trouble in terms of finding work.

Here are a few things you need to know about Jon Moxley.

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