Luke Harper’s 5 Best Matches In WWE

luke harper bludgeon brothers

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Luke Harper has always been one of the most underutilized WWE stars on the roster. He made his name as a veteran of the indies, wrestling for eight years before finally making it to WWE. Brodie Lee, however, was very different from the Harper that the WWE Universe would get to witness. With his rough-around-the-edges look, he was the perfect fit for the newly formed Wyatt Family, finding championship success during his time at NXT.

When he did make it to the big stage on the main roster, fans got to witness him start off as an essential part of the machine that was the Wyatt family. Dominating from the start, they made a big name for themselves before they were unceremoniously split up, as were many other factions and teams of the past. Either way, it gave him an opportunity to prove himself as a singles star.

While the office may never have gotten behind Harper, he managed to mesmerize the world, showing exactly what a great “big man” can do. In a way, he represents the evolution of wrestling and here are his best matches with WWE.

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