5 Changes That Will Happen In WWE If Ronda Rousey Leaves In 2019

Photo Credit: WWE

#5.) A new wave of NXT call-ups and refocusing on talent

WWE made sure to center the RAW Women’s division around Ronda Rousey when she arrived in WWE in 2018. It’s only fair, because she is the biggest mainstream name they have in the company, and they want to push her as much as they can while she’s still there.

However, with her gone, WWE will have to refocus on the women who were being pushed prior to her arrival, along with the arrival of fresh faces. The current crop of NXT talent in the women’s division is as great as ever, with prospects like Bianca Belair just waiting to shine on the big stage.

It will certainly be a huge shake-up to the women’s division and a fresh start.

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