5 Dream Matches For Roderick Strong On The Main Roster

Roderick Strong is one of the roughest and most hard-hitting competitors in the world. A cruiserweight by size, he’s one among many superstars who have proven that wrestling isn’t just a big man’s field. He also happens to be one of the most accomplished superstars on the independent level in North America.

Having to go through an extremely troubled childhood, it was wrestling that saved him, and his passion would take him on an incredible journey that even he probably didn’t expect. His time in Ring Of Honor is more crucial than people realize because this period molded him into the wrestler that he is today.

Year by year, Strong would improve at such a rapid pace that it was hard for other talents to keep up.  He would work on specific moves and make them his specialty, he would work incredibly hard on his psychology in the ring, and though many people feel he doesn’t have the character to make it as a big level star, he seems to have found his place as a heel in the tag team division in WWE.

Either way, he will be quite a hit on the main roster, and we take a look at five dream opponents for him.

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