5 Female Superstars Who Are The Undisputed Future Of WWE

Photo Credit: WWE

The women’s division has come a long way since the days of the Attitude Era. WWE likes emphasizing on the fact and often pat themselves on the back, but over the last few years, they’ve genuinely done a good job. You could argue that in 2016, they were constantly pushing it, kept using the word “history” and bragging about how history was being made.

However, the real progress came when they stopped emphasizing on the women main eventing. It became common for them to main event, not because they were women, but because their match was the biggest and most important one on the show. Now, people don’t bat an eye or get surprised if women main event, because they’ve been in all the main stipulation matches and they’ve main evented multiple PPVs as well.

The talent pool among the women keeps growing stronger, and from independent signees to homegrown talent, WWE has a whole bunch of prospect superstars just waiting for their big break. These five female stars will lead the way for WWE in the coming era and more.

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