The Bar’s 5 Best Matches


Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

The Bar is one of the most formidable tag teams of the new era. When they got involved in a storyline with each other, it was fascinating, because both superstars were finally getting something to do after being in creative limbo for a few months. It was the “odd pairing” storyline, and they had an incredible best of 7 seven series against each other, with it ending in a draw.

Mick Foley paired them together and gave them a championship opportunity at the tag titles, and ever since then, they remained as a tag team. Their dynamic was fascinating from the start. They were two polar opposite superstars who stood for something completely different from each other.

Even when they were technically babyfaces, Sheamus still played the role of a heel, albeit a very likable one. For the first time in years, they had a great place creatively and began to dominate the RAW Tag Team division. They made the move to SmackDown Live later on and made their mark there too. It’s incredible to think of how far the two have come, and how from being polar opposites, they merged into one cohesive unit.

Let’s take a look at The Bar’s best matches as a team!

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