5 Things You Didn’t Know About Karl Anderson

5 things you didn’t know about Karl Anderson

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Karl Anderson may not be in the best creative position in WWE, but it’s one of those cases where booking by a company doesn’t truly reflect on the talent. Anderson has proven during his time in Japan to be an all-rounder. He would even be in line for huge pushes time and again, and there’s no doubt that he could have climbed the ranks in NJPW had he stayed.

He can be best described as someone with old school fundamentals and an old-school look (with a much better physique). But his arsenal in the ring is something that fans in WWE haven’t really gotten to witness. Those who have followed him in NJPW are aware of how much he’s truly capable of.

From the United States, all across the world to Japan, Anderson has had an incredible journey in the wrestling business that may not be known by many, but people certainly deserve to know the hard work and struggles that he’s gone through to achieve his dreams. Let’s take a look at five interesting facts about Karl Anderson.

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