Marty Scurll’s 5 Best Matches

Marty Scurll is one of the most unique characters in wrestling today. He took some time, but during his run with the independents like PROGRESS and then eventually runs with ROH and NJPW, he really found his footing. He managed to develop a great character on his own and it played in well when he eventually joined the Bullet Club.

While it’s fair to argue that his comedy can get in the way of his matches, he’s still found a way to work around it. But that aside, there’s absolutely no denying what a world-class level worker he is in the ring. He has the ability to mix and match different styles, from high-flying to a more technical, ground-based one.

His run with NJPW as a Junior Heavyweight has undoubtedly been the highlight of his career in terms of match quality as he’s faced opponents on another level and it’s subsequently helped him to elevate himself. There’s no denying that the creative freedom that he’s received throughout has help him come to his own, and with that said, let’s take a look at his five best matches.

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