Will Ospreay’s 5 Best Matches

Will Ospreay’s 5 Best Matches

Photo Credit: AXS TV

Will Ospreay may be the best high-flying wrestler in the world today.  It’s incredible to think that at just over 25 years of age, he’s made his way into becoming one of the top most talked about wrestlers in the world today. He’s also become one of the most “in demand” wrestlers in the world, as his style is considered far more entertaining than technical wrestling.

It’s true that there’s a big downside to his style. At 25, he’s suffered multiple injuries, the most devastating being on his neck. While his style is extremely fun to watch, he’s been compared to Dynamite Kid, whose story is similar but doesn’t have a happy ending. It’s highly likely that the shelf life of his career isn’t that much, but hopefully, he makes adjustments to his style as the years go.

One superstar who’s been a high-flyer throughout his career and wrestled smart is AJ Styles. He’s adjusted his style according to his body and age and did it to perfection. Styles is the reason why Ospreay began his career so let’s hope he takes lessons from him. Either way, this isn’t to say that Ospreay can only do flips and stunts. He’s put on classic after classic and we look at his five best matches.

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