Asuka’s 5 Biggest Accomplishments In WWE


Photo Credit: WrestleZone

Asuka in little time has accomplished a lot in WWE. When she was signed with WWE, it was clear right off the bat that she was a one-of-a-kind competitor. Her decade of experience in Japan saw her style develop into one of agility, stiffness, hard-hitting and submission-based. When she brings it to the ring, there’s nobody in the women’s division like her.

What Asuka brings to the table is one of the most exciting styles in the company and there’s little wonder why she was declared by William Regal as potentially the greatest signing in WWE history. She was also by and far the most dominant champion in the history of the yellow brand and each match she had, it became clearer that she was one of the best in-ring performers in the company, male or female.

Her run in the main roster may not have had the same immediate results that NXT did but there’s no denying the legacy she left for the yellow brand and the history that she’s made in her time. She’s accomplished a lot in very little time and we look at her biggest accomplishments.

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