Jinder Mahal’s 5 Greatest Matches

Jinder Mahal’s 5 Greatest Matches

Photo by Robert Marquardt/Getty Images

Jinder Mahal is quite a controversial figure in the WWE Universe but for those who have followed him extensively on social media outside the ring, they know that there are few superstars as hard working as Jinder Mahal. The Modern Day Maharaja fell into a similar position as Drew McIntyre did and was eventually released by the company.

However, like McIntyre, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as he went and further improved himself. Even when he returned, no high expectations of him were set, but things changed when he decided to transform his body. He worked out day in day out and went through a strict regiment, completely giving up alcohol and he underwent a physical transformation.

He was then drafted to SmackDown Live and in a bizarre move, turned from enhancement talent to main eventer in the span of one week! There haven’t been many cases of sudden pushes happening, but with Jinder, his native country of India played a big market into it.

In the span of one year during his world title run and after, he had the best body of work in his career and we take a look at his five best matches.

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