Carmella’s 5 Greatest Moments

Carmella’s 5 Greatest Moments

Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

Carmella has had quite an interesting journey in the WWE. She never had any prior indie experience but you’ll be interested to know that she happens to be a second-generation superstar. With that said, she’s already accomplished far more in WWE than her father Paul Van Dale.

The Princess Of Staten Island burst into the scene in NXT, where she gained instant popularity with Enzo and Cass. She didn’t come up to the main roster with them as many had expected, but that only turned out to be a blessing in disguise for her.

She got to carve her own path on SmackDown Live and while she had the stigma of being the very last draft pick in the 2016 draft, she certainly proved herself on the blue brand. She had a great run as a babyface for a long time in NXT but when she got called up to the main roster, it was hardly a month before she turned heel and she stayed that way for quite some time.

She’s already had a whole bunch of incredible moments on the main roster and these stand out as the best ones!

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