Dolph Ziggler’s 5 Career-Defining Moments

Best Wrestling Matches of 2016

(Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)

#5.) Toppling off John Cena

It was TLC 2012 and Dolph Ziggler was forced to defend his Money In The Bank briefcase in the main event against John Cena. To top it all off, it was a ladder match. In a high stakes main event, it looked as though Vickie Guerrero‘s interference was going to help Ziggler beat Cena, until AJ Lee came and neutralized her help.

However, in a shocking twist, AJ Lee would then turn on Cena by pushing the ladder off, allowing Ziggler to make the ascent and grab his briefcase. It was an outstanding match followed up with a shocking moment. AJ Lee and Ziggler would then begin an alliance that would last for another half a year.

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