WWE’s 5 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries

Photo Credit: Getty Images

WWE has had some incredible storylines over the years and some incredible storyline ideas too. Unfortunately, not everything comes to pass. On many occasions, WWE began with a storyline but discontinued it abruptly for various reasons. This has irked some fans over the years, who were invested in a suspenseful storyline, waiting for answers, only to have them not mentioned again.

For example: Who threw the pie on Kevin Owens‘ face? What ever happened to Hade Vansen? Who was behind GTV? Was there ever any explanation about the fake Kane and his motives? What was CM Punk alluding to in his famous pipebomb before the mic got cut off? Why did The Great Khali randomly appear one night on Battleground 2017 only to never return?

We as fans have had to deal with this frustration multiple times through the years, but these five storylines and moments were perhaps the biggest unanswered mysteries.

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