Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up: Nikki A.S.H. Cashes In, Purrazzo Meets Thunder Rosa & Mickie James, NWA EMPOWERRR Announcements

Women's Wrestling Wrap-Up Nikki

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Women’s wrestling is a HOT draw right now: Nikki A.S.H. cashes in to become RAW Women’s Champion, Deonna Purrazzo meets Thunder Rosa and Mickie James at Slammiversary, more Empowerrr announcements, and much more! Let’s break it down in this week’s Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up!

Nikki A.S.H. Cashes In Money In The Bank, Pins Charlotte To Win RAW Women’s Championship

The past two days have been absolutely groundbreaking for the newly revived Nikki Cross (now known as Nikki A.S.H.). On Sunday at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view, Nikki A.S.H. competed in the intense women’s Money In The Bank ladder match, alongside seven other competitors: Zelina Vega, Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Naomi, Natalya, and Tamina. The match had many high spots, including Bliss being buried beneath a mountain of ladders by her fellow competitors, but it was A.S.H. who prevailed victoriously. As six of the eight superstars fought atop three different ladders, A.S.H. stealthily climbed and grabbed ahold of the coveted Money In The Bank briefcase, securing the victory, and guaranteeing herself a championship opportunity.

Meanwhile, the RAW Women’s Championship was on the line that same night. Rhea Ripley put up a valiant effort in hopes of retaining her championship, but Charlotte Flair proved to be too much to overcome. The closing moments saw Flair applying her signature Figure-8 submission, forcing Ripley to tap out, and becoming the new RAW Women’s Champion. The Dallas crowd was absolutely in favor of this match, as it truly showcased a great balance between good in-ring work and character moments for both Ripley and Flair.

The following night on RAW, Ripley received a rematch for the RAW Women’s Championship, in the main-event slot. Flair and Ripley contested back and forth before the action spilled to the outside and Flair struck Ripley with the championship, and thus, got herself disqualified. So Flair retained, but Rhea Ripley was not too impressed. This lead to a brief brawl outside before Ripley threw Flair back into the ring.

Cue Nikki A.S.H., who then officially cashed in her Money In The Bank contract successfully to become the NEW RAW Women’s Champion after hitting a top-rope crossbody on Flair.

This win marks Nikki’s first singles championship in WWE, and frankly, it’s well deserved.

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The Forbidden Door Is Unhinged At IMPACT’s Slammiversary

Now with over 340 days collectively as IMPACT Knockouts Champion over two reigns in just over one year, Deonna Purrazzo has absolutely dominated the Knockouts Division. Defeating the likes of Rosemary, Tenille Dashwood, Jazz, ODB, Su Yung, Jordynne Grace, and many more, Purrazzo has been a constant fighting and successfully defending champion within IMPACT Wrestling. Purrazzo’s powerful tenacity was on full display at IMPACT’s Slammiversary pay-per-view this past weekend, going in against a mystery opponent. This opponent was revealed to be former NWA Women’s Champion, Thunder Rosa.

Purrazzo and Rosa fought back and forth in a spectacular showcase, but Purrazzo ultimately was successful in retaining her Knockouts Championship.

This was not the first time that Thunder Rosa has crossed over into other wrestling promotions, as she is highly regarded for her work in All Elite Wrestling as well. However, the emergence of Thunder Rosa into IMPACT grew the seeds for a later appearance from another NWA representative, Mickie James.

James is no stranger to the IMPACT zone, as a former three-time Knockouts Champion. After Purrazzo basked in the glory of retaining yet again, James’ “Hardcore Country” music hit. She strutted to the ring and issued a formal invitation to Deonna Purrazzo to be a part of NWA’s upcoming Empowerrr pay-per-view. Purrazzo was not too thrilled with James interrupting her glorious moment, telling her to take her trash bag and get out of her ring. Mickie then slapped Purrazzo and kicked her in the face, before the champion retreated up to the ramp.

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The events at Slammiversary are monumental, as proof of the continuing evolution of women’s wrestling. IMPACT Wrestling has already established a partnership and built some crossovers with All Elite Wrestling over numerous months with Kenny Omega, the Good Brothers, Matt Hardy, and Private Party making appearances. Beyond that, however, Slammiversary marks the first occasion that the women’s division has seen any version of a cross over through the “forbidden door”. Thunder Rosa is currently contracted under NWA management, but has appeared in AEW many times over the last year very consistently. Rosa and James’ appearances, however, mark the first official moves made between IMPACT and the NWA within their women’s divisions. With Deonna Purrazzo’s invitation to NWA’s Empowerrr pay-per-view, that is now less than six weeks away, it will be interesting to see how this strengthens the partnership, and builds to Purrazzo’s potential opponent at the event, likely with the Knockouts Championship on the line.

NWA is clearly making strong moves to build up the card for their first ever all-women’s pay-per-view, and with the bridge with IMPACT Wrestling seemingly built, it might be possible to see that “forbidden door” kicked down even more. Perhaps NWA will recruit talent from even more promotions? Perhaps, AEW or Ring of Honor?

I’m willing to bet.

NWA Announces Women’s Invitational And Return Of Women’s Tag Team Championships

Mickie James and the National Wrestling Alliance are continuing to create more and more opportunities for women in professional wrestling. Besides breaking down that “forbidden door” in professional wrestling, NWA has treated fans to a few announcements over the last week ahead of their first ever all-women’s pay-per-view on August 28th.

Last week unpacked two major announcements, the first being NWA’s first-ever Women’s Invitational. Mickie James revealed that the tournament will be hosted annually on NWA’s anniversary weekend, with the NWA Women’s Invitational Cup winner going on to face the NWA Women’s Champion. This year’s Invitational winner will move on to NWA 73 to contend for the NWA Women’s Championship. The current champion, Kamille, is slated to defend her NWA Women’s Championship at Empowerrr, but her opponent is yet to be revealed.

The first competitor in NWA Women’s Invitational is St. Louis’ own, Tootie Lynn. Lynn also recently competed in an spectacular 30-minute iron-woman match against Trish Adora in BACW.

Later on in the week, James took to Instagram to confirm that the NWA Women’s Tag Team Championships would return at Empowerrr and new champions would crowned that same night.



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Some other names were also confirmed for the Empowerrr card, as James revealed that Kylie Rae and Jennacide would be competing, further noting that any woman on the current NWA roster will be involved in the event if they “truly want to be a part of this Historic event in STL.”

Speaking of NWA, Kamille will be defending her NWA Women’s Championship against Kenzie Paige on July 24th at the Gathering 2 in Charlotte.

WWE Roster Moves: Mandy Rose To NXT, Toni Storm & Naomi To Smackdown, Aliyah To RAW

WWE has been shaking up their women’s divisions over the last few months, following the releases of numerous talent. Most recently, Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart (now known as “Nox” and “Shotzi”), moved up from the yellow-brand to Friday Night Smackdown as a formidable tag team, defeating the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Natalya and Tamina, two weeks in a row.

Former NXT UK Women’s Champion, Toni Storm, is also set to debut on Smackdown this Friday.

Those aren’t the only names that Smackdown as acquired, though. PWInsider reported that former Smackdown Women’s Champion, Naomi has been quietly shifted from Monday Night RAW to the SmackDown brand, following the Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

PWInsider also confirmed that RAW star, Mandy Rose has officially migrated back to NXT, after appearing on last week’s episode. Rose emerged on the entrance stage during last week’s episode of NXT in the midst of Sarray and Gigi Dolin’s matchup, as she looked on eagerly.

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While Mandy Rose has reportedly moved back to the black-and-gold brand, Aliyah has seemingly moved up to Monday Night RAW. Last week, Aliyah attacked Robert Stone on NXT, after she and Jessi Kamea had failed to defeat Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro. Aliyah had also worked a dark match before last week’s Smackdown against Xia Li. Only time will tell when Aliyah will officially be seen on main roster television, but her turn on the Robert Stone Brand and dark match appearance looks indicative of a callup.

One Spot Remains In ROH’s Women’s Championship Tournament

After unveiling the official brackets for Ring of Honor’s upcoming Women’s Tournament, one spot was still unconfirmed. This past week of ROH television, Quinn McKay vied for the last spot in the tournament, in an intense bout with The Allure’s Mandy Leon. McKay would ultimately fall short to Leon, however. This loss means that one spot is still open in ROH’s Women’s Championship Tournament.

With Ring of Honor scheduled to begin filming this tournament at the end of July, it will be interesting to see who fills it. Chelsea Green recently arrived at ROH’s Best in the World pay-per-view, but confirmed she will not be competing in the tournament due to injury, leaving viewers to speculate who could possibly round out this tournament.

WrestleZone will keep you updated as more details become available.

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New Texas Pro Wrestling Announces Grand Prix Entrants

On the heels of announcing their inaugural Texas Grand Prix Women’s Tournament, New Texas Pro Wrestling took to twitter to confirm some of the competitors in the single elimination tournament.

So far confirmed is:

  • Rok-C
  • Heather Monroe
  • Killa Kate
  • Mia Friday
  • Promise Braxton
  • Raychell Rose

Texas Grand Prix

Photo Credit: New Texas Pro Wrestling

As of this writing, six of the eight competitors have been announced for the Texas Grand Prix, leaving two spots open in this amazing tournament. This event is scheduled for Saturday, August 28th on IWTV.

FSW Building All-Women’s Show

Future Stars of Wrestling in Las Vegas is slated to host an exciting all-women’s wrestling show on August 22nd,  entitled “Future Stars Of Women’s Wrestling”, on the same weekend as WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. The company revealed that talent announcements for the show will begin to roll out this week:

TNT Extreme Wrestling Announces Death Match Tournament

TNT Extreme Wrestling recently announced that Liverpool will be hosting “Total Carnage”, an official Death Match Tournament on Saturday, July 31st.

Confirmed for the tournament is:

  • Kasey Owens
  • Alexxis Falcon
  • Molly Spartan
  • Gia Adams
  • Session Moth Martina
  • Emersyn Jayne
  • Raven Creed
  • Kira Chimera

Capital Championship Wrestling Is Coming Soon

CCW recently announced their plans to put together a roster of some of the best female pro wrestlers in the world today. As a new all-women’s brand, Capital Championship Wrestling also unveiled their debut show, scheduled to take place August 7th in Delaware.

So far, CCW has announced the following talent for their roster:

  • Christina Marie
  • Notorious Mimi
  • Gabriella (aka Gabby Ortiz)
  • Willow Nightingale
  • Tina San Antonio
  • Veda Scott
  • Christi Jaynes
  • Sierra
  • Vicious Vicki
  • Vita VonStarr
  • Adena Steele
  • Megan Bayne
  • Ashley D’Amboise
  • Kayla Sparks
  • Leila Grey
  • Rebecca Scott
  • Beckie Phillips (Referee)
  • Masha Slamovich
  • Ray Lyn
  • The Renegade Twins
  • Risa Pappas
  • Valentina Vazquez
  • Renee Michelle


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WWR+: Pain For Pleasure, July 18th

  • Jody Threat defeated Ashley Vox (w/Delmi Exo)
  • Becca defeated Delmi Exo (w/Ashley Vox) 
  • The Outfielders (Boomer Hatfield & Molly McCoy) defeat The Higher Society (Armani Kayos & Paris Van Dale) 
  • Skylar defeated Veda Scott 
  • Rebecca Scott defeated Kayla Sparks
  • Rickey Shane Page defeated Kennedi Copeland 
  • Riley Shepard defeated Kaia McKenna
  • Grudge Match (Special Referee: Damian Adams): Tina San Antonio defeated Willow Nightingale
  • Trish Adora defeated Ashley D’Amboise 
  • Megan Bayne defeated Davienne 

Mission Pro Wrestling: Jacksonville Taco Festival, July 17th

  • Three Way: Madi Wrenkowski defeated Kelsey Raegan and Kiah Dream
  • Three Way: Masha Slamovich defeated Krazy Kelsey and Leila Grey
  • Tesha Price defeated Katalina Perez
  • Masha Slamovich defeated Dasha
  • Mission Pro Wrestling Championship Match: La Rosa Negra (c) defeated KiLynn King

Revolution Pro: Live in Bristol 3,  July 18th

  • RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Championship Match: Gisele Shaw (c) defeated Mariah May

Warrior Wrestling: Stadium Series, July 17th

  • Warrior Wrestling Women’s Championship Match: Kylie Rae (c) defeated Lady Frost


TNT Extreme Wrestling: Siren’s Fury – July 31st

Hurricane Pro Wrestling – July 24th