‘Many Sides To The Die’: Zicky Dice Celebrates One Year On Twitch, Assures The Best Is Yet To Come

As troubling as COVID-19 has been for everyone, Zicky Dice has made the most of the downtime by not allowing himself to have any downtime. Dice, a gambling man by name and nature, spun the wheel of fortune by joining Twitch as a means to create content. He is by no means a gamer, but found it as a platform to display some of his “Outlandish” acts and it’s been paying off.

“It’s been a year streaming and God, I’ve shaved my eyebrows on stream, I did a 24-hour stream recently, took a bath in honey, I’ve had the cops show up during streams, I’ve taped myself to my chair, I put mustard down my pants,” Dice told WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo. “There’s been a lot of crazy moments on the stream and I’m having a blast doing it.”

Tonight will be Dice’s one-year anniversary since joining Twitch and his channel has gotten over two million views since it fired up. Therefore, the former NWA National Television Champion has some plans in store.

“I’ve got a big fat giveaway. I’m not sure what I want to give away yet, but I do want to give something big and fat away to the chat. Just have a little celebration. I think we’re going to go back over the last year and watch some of the clips from the start and just see how much we’ve grown. It’s crazy to see the success we’ve had in just 365 days on Twitch.”

Dice became a free agent on January 1 and in an interview with Fightful, he made clear that he saw himself being All Elite. That was all the more evident in March when he and his production partner in crime by the name of “Scooch” created an intense vignette in which he stares down a door (some may say “forbidden”) before stating he ready to take what’s his. It was a certain change of tone for Zicky and that’s all by design.

“There are many sides to the die and not everyone has seen those sides just yet,” he said.  “‘Outlandish’ Zicky Dice has yet to spread his wings. If you think about it, I didn’t get a full title run over at NWA. I didn’t get to walk out with my championship or have I think a full complete television run and unlike everyone else, the pandemic actually was a blessing in disguise for ‘Outlandish’ Zicky Dice. It helped me take the brand to the next level partnering up with Twitch and staying creative and really pushing the limits in trying to have that creative outlet.”

With Twitch, Dice has been unprecedented as how a wrestler promotes themselves and creating a base on a game streaming platform without dong a whole lot of video gaming has been an innovative way of cultivating creativity.

“This isn’t the last you’ve seen of ‘Outlandish’ Zicky Dice. The best is yet to come, I’ll tell you that. I just like staying creative. I like to set a new bar. There is nobody on the independent level doing what we’re doing here. I’ll tell you that. I strive to have the best production and the best everything and really challenging everyone else to push their limits a bit and I take pride in that and after releasing that video it’s like, ‘Okay, whatever we do next has to be better,’ everything’s gotta be better so just keep challenging ourselves and that’s how we got there.”

Is AEW still a top attraction for the Dice man?

“Damn right it is! Damn right it is. 110%. 110%, yes,” he stated. “Imagine if I had a machine behind me that believed in Zicky Dice as much as I do! Dude, possibilities are endless, try me and guess what? If you don’t believe, just bring me up there to the main stage anyways and let me and Scooch handle the rest. We’ll still keep the ball rolling. I’m not worried about a damn thing. My production will always stay top-notch.”

See all that top-notch production come full force in his one-year Twitch anniversary celebration tonight at 6 PM EST, and check out our full interview with Zicky at the top of this post.

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