WZ Universal Rankings: Roman Reigns Takes Care Of Business, Lashley’s Path Gets Tougher

wz universal rankings

We are excited to launch a new WrestleZone feature this week that will release every Monday afternoon moving forward. Many media outlets in professional sports such as NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB release power rankings every week showcasing the top teams and explaining what makes them so good, or so bad in some cases. The Universal Rankings is a new initiative on WrestleZone that serves a similar purpose ranking the best of the WWE Universe.

The Universal Rankings will rank the best WWE superstars from the RAW & SmackDown brands every week based on numerous benchmarks. It’s not solely based on wins and losses, but also on the current storylines they are involved in. This includes how much TV time they are getting, how much media attention they are getting, and of course in-ring performance.

With that being said, we are excited to begin the new initiative with the first edition of the WZ Universal Rankings. Be sure to tune in each week across our various podcasts for insight into the rankings!

Week of May 3, 2021

So what do you think of the inaugural list? Who is higher than they should be? Who is lower than they should be. Who is missing from the list that deserves a spot? Comment below and give us your thoughts.

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