‘The Survey Says…’ Recaps & Reviews MLW Fusion: The Restart

Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone (and MLW.com) gives a complete overview of “The Restart” to MLW Fusion that features:

  • Alexander Hammerstone continuing to lay the ground work for top stardom.
  • The stand-out presentation of what The Restart brings with smoke-filled arena and little in attendance.
  • Myron Reed defending his Middleweight Title against Brian Pillman Jr.
  • What makes Reed pop as an in-ring talent and enjoying the development of Brian Pillman Jr.
  • Why The Von Erichs are so unique in today’s pro wrestling climate.
  • Fusion giving fans that sports-like feel.
  • Jacob Fatu defending his World Heavyweight Title against Davey Boy Smith Jr.
  • Why DBS was Dominic’s 2019 Wrestler of The Year and how he displays that in the main event.
  • What makes Jacob Fatu pro wrestling’s real ass-kicker of a World Champion.

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Listen to the full audio recap below:

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