EFFY Wants To Be A Utility Player, Takes Pride In Making Eddie Kingston Tap Out


The Watch List takes a look at what matches you should be watching while you’re at home and they come recommended by your favorite professional wrestling stars.

WrestleZone recently spoke with EFFY, who said he aims to have the skills to work any match type while still remaining true to his own brand and character.

“When I think about the matches that you should watch, the first one that everyone always says is me versus Nick Gage from last year’s 2 Cups Stuffed, which was the Starrcast / Black Label Pro / GCW double show. We were the main event and I got very bloody and did not wear kneepads. Second to that though, there’s another GCW match with me and Chris Dickinson that I think is fantastic. It’s from GCW No Sleep,” EFFY said, “and the third one I would say, just because I’m so proud of this is from GCW in LA [Slime Language] when I tapped out Eddie Kingston. God Bless Eddie Kingston, but I think when people say ‘Oh EFFY, he’s not a real wrestler, he’s a joke!’ And it’s like ‘Yeah… but I also tapped out Eddie Kingston!’”

“I’ve had a lot of real matches with people and if you go and look at some of those you’ll see some real wrestling and very different styles. I can hold my own,” EFFY said, “I want to be a utility player. I want you to say, ‘You got a six-minute comedy match’ and I say perfect. ‘You’ve got a 20-minute main event’ Perfect. ‘You’ve got a 15-minute deathmatch’ Perfect. I want to fill in everywhere and I want to have the skills where it’s still EFFY no matter what the wrestling style that you see is.”

Check out EFFY’s GCW match picks on FITE or IWTV; we’ve also added some free-t0-watch full-length matches from his career below:

EFFY vs. Su Yung

FEST Wrestling Love Is A Battlefield 2 — February 10, 2018

EFFY vs. Shotzi Blackheart 

Disruptor 2 Wild Nights At WaHo — November 17, 2018

Gaytanic Panic vs. Team Pazuzu

Beyond Uncharted Territory — October 31, 2019

EFFY vs. Mance Warner 

Long.Live.GCW  — December 8, 2019

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