Nick Aldis Is Writing A Book Documenting His NWA Journey; Talks Promotion’s Plans For Visual Content (Exclusive)

Nick Aldis

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis has proven himself over the course of his two title reigns to be a traveling champion, but with the Coronavirus pandemic taking its hold on the globe, “The National Treasure” finds himself stationary momentarily. That doesn’t mean he stops with his passion for those three letters and the “Ten Pounds Of Gold.”

In an exclusive interview with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo, Aldis reveals that he’s been busy writing a book documenting his Odysseus-esque travels with “Sweet Charlotte.”

“I’m writing a book right now basically covering the NWA in the Corgan years, right? I’m basically writing a book just telling it from my perspective – like from the first phone call from Dave and Billy to the first ’10 Pounds Of Gold’ shoots to the first Championship Wrestling from Hollywood matches and so on and so on because I get hyped about it so much and it’s such a fun story.”

Nick and NWA President Dave Lagana wanted to be sure that the title got some miles under it’s leather

“There’s just so much I never talked about like me and Dave, we went to Europe, I think I did like 10 shows in 11 days, just driving thousands of miles and doing all these shows in England and Ireland and stuff. Just some crazy stories of the early days of like some of the places. Cause at first I was just went, ‘Let’s just take everything,’ you know what I mean? We’re very more judicious of what bookings I take now from third parties but at the beginning were were just like, ‘Hey, if they pay, we’re going,’ you know? Because it’s all on the record. ‘Oh, Nick Aldis defended the title in Dublin, Ireland. Nick Aldis defended the title against so-and-so in so-and-so, England, in Huntington, West Virginia,’ and that’s how I think it really started to germinate with people saying, ‘Wow, he’s a really traveling champion.'”

Aldis thinks that his book will be something fans of the NWA will really get a kick out of.

“It will be a fun read and a good way to sort of go back and understand how far we’ve come in a short period of time.

Aldis’ “downtime” doesn’t stop there as he and  Lagana have been hashing out plans to keep the content rolling for the promotion as we all progress forward into the unknown of this holding period.

“We’re definitely going to do some sort of fan interactive stuff,” Nick adds. “Maybe some live stream, kind of Q&A and stuff like that. I know that one thing we talked about is, we’re discussing a couple of different ways of doing it, but at some point The Crockett Cup 2019, we’ll put that out, but we might do it where I watch along or we shoot me watching it and my reactions to it again, watching it again for the first time in a long time or you know, maybe dong almost sort of a director’s commentary sort of thing.”

There’s another idea that Aldis and Lagana have in mind and Nick considers it something that he found beneficial to establish himself to where he is now as a 500+ day holder of the Worlds Championship. You can hear it all tomorrow as he and DeAngelo have a hour-and-a-half long conversation about a bevvy of topics.

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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