King of the Ring 2019 Preview | First Round Match Predictions

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Earlier today, WWE announced their full bracket fo the King of the Ring 2019 tournament. It’s filled with some huge first-round matches and some big names. It’s bound to be an exciting week on RAW and SmackDown, so check out my preview to see who I think will advance to the next round.

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King of the Ring 2019 Preview | Cesaro vs. Samoa Joe

Poor Cesaro. He’s arguably the most talented wrestler in this tournament and WWE never uses him to his full potential. I’m expecting Joe to win here and continue being a “tweener” as the crowd embraces him for simply being a badass.

King of the Ring 2019 Preview | Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is seemingly made to win this tournament. He’s an imposing figure that needs some qualifications to back up his talk. He hasn’t won much on the main roster since coming back to the company and this would be a good start if they want him to eventually get into the main event scene.

King of the Ring 2019 Preview | Cedric Alexander vs. Sami Zayn

Cedric Alexander has been in a weird area where he isn’t being pushed nor ignored completely. WWE has failed to decide what they’re going to do with the talented former cruiserweight champion and I expect him to beat Zayn. He is possibly headed to another match with Drew McIntyre.

King of the Ring 2019 Preview | The Miz vs. Baron Corbin

As much as I would like to see The Miz win here, I’m expecting Baron Corbin to cheat his way to victory. Corbin has been off television since his loss to Rollins and this tournament will be a good way to reintroduce him as a threat in the mid-card.

King of the Ring 2019 Preview | Kevin Owens vs. Elias

It’s the KO show and that means he isn’t losing to someone like Elias in the first round. Expect Owens to make it to the finals and represent SmackDown against a heel from RAW.

King of the Ring 2019 Preview | Ali vs. Buddy Murphy

This is an incredible match and one that could go either way. Both men can absolutely go inside the squared circle, and it will be interesting to see where WWE goes with this. I’m picking Murphy to get the upset win so we have a face versus heel match in the next round.

King of the Ring 2019 Preview | Chad Gable vs. Shelton Benjamin

This has a good storyline as the two teamed up for a bit and are both decorated collegiate wrestlers. However, neither man has a ton of interest in them now and this tournament should be a shot for Gable to shine since it will focus on in-ring skills. Give the younger wrestler a win and let him tear down the house in the next round.

King of the Ring 2019 Preview | Apollo Crews vs. Andrade

Crews has most floundered since joining the main roster and while Andrade hasn’t lit the world on fire, he’s at least been regularly on television and feuding with the likes of Rey Mysterio. Expect Andrade to pick up an easy win here and he’s likely on his way to the semi-finals.

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