Powerslam TV Review | Bar Wrestling 39 Brian Cage’s Bachelor Party

Powerslam.TV continues to add more great wrestling each week, and I will be taking a look at a past show in the streaming service’s catalog every Friday. This week’s show is Bar Wrestling 39: Brian Cage’s Bachelor’s Party, which features a really fun gimmick and a four-on-one main event.

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Bar Wrestling 39 | Reno SCUM vs Hawk Aerie

Not super familiar with either team but the latter have the distinction of being a father-son duo. This was a fun enough of an opener as it got the crowd ready for the night ahead, but this wasn’t anything special. Reno SCUM wound up gaining the win.

Bar Wrestling 39 | Killer Death Machines vs. The Bomb Baes

This intergender tag team match got off to a hot start as the Killer Death Machines attacked before the match really started and took out Jake Atlas. This got a tremendous amount of heat with the crowd. The heel team spent a lot of time on offense, which wasn’t that exciting to watch but there was, as described by the commentary, a “titty kick.” Atlas eventually got a hot tag, which reenergized the crowd, but the match went on for a bit too long before The Bomb Baes got the win. This was a disappointing match.

Bar Wrestling 39 | Daga vs. Eli Everfly vs. Teddy Hart vs. Jake Crist

This should be really fun. All four are great technical wrestlers and I’m a big fan of Crist in particular. To best sum up the crazy energy of this match, there were several Canadian Destroyers within the first two minutes. All four gentleman put on a great show but it was Teddy Hart that wound up really stealing the show here. This was the first really fantastic match on the card and I really recommend that you check it out.

Bar Wrestling 39 | PPRAY vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack

I almost skipped this match when I saw Peter Avalon because I hate the Librarian gimmick in AEW  with a passion, but thankfully I didn’t since this was a fun tag match. It started with a bit of a dance-off between the two teams and this got the crowd excited for the action that followed. Both Swann and Mack are fantastic and this wound up being one of the pleasant surprises on the card.

Bar Wrestling 39 | Joey Ryan, Scorpio Sky & Luchasaurus vs. Eli Drake, Chris Dickinson & Mike Verna

Eli Drake came out with champagne and had a tuxedo with cut-off sleeves. He said he wants to have a bachelor party rather than wrestling and then told the crew to bring some strippers out. Instead, we got Mike Verna, who thought it was Melissa’s bachelorette party. Drake once again pleaded for the strippers to come out, but Chris Dickinson came out and said he was ready to party. “Where’s the bitches at?” asked Dickinson.

The next to answer the call for strippers was Luchasaurus, who is definitely more of a dinosaur than stripper. Then came Scorpio Sky who explained that the bachelor party part was just a gimmick to sell tickets, although he was willing to look at some tits if anyone wanted to show theirs. Drake then went on a rant about wanting strippers right this moment and then he got what he asked for in the form of Joey Ryan.

No offense to the actual wrestling match because it was actually a lot of fun, but the pre-show antics were some of the most fun on the entire show. Definitely worth your time.

Bar Wrestling 39 | Sami Callihan vs. Killer Kross

This absolutely ruled. Both men are hard-hitting and this was an absolute brawl. They went outside the ring early and it was a lot of fun as long as it lasted. Sadly, it was a bit on the short side but if my only complaint is that it didn’t go longer then it was a good time. The intensity here really stood out.

Bar Wrestling 39 | Kiera Hogan, Scarlett Bordeaux, Su Yung & Tessa Blanchard vs. Brian Cage

This was a lapdance match as the loser had to give the winner a lapdance. Flip Gordon offered to help Cage, but Cage declined as he didn’t want to get him in trouble with Ring of Honor.

Bordeaux offered to give Cage a pre-match lapdance and the rest of the women used that distraction to their advantage to attack him early. Bordeaux hit an awesome crucifix bomb early on and this actually wound up being a lot of fun as the spots alternated between showing off Cage’s incredible strength and the women’s technical skills. Cage came close to winning several times but the women kept breaking them up. The four eventually managed to powerbomb Cage and Blanchard hit Magnum before Su Yung headbutted Cage in the nuts.

That wound up being the end and meant that Cage had to give a lapdance. This was hilarious as Cage really embraced the role. For someone that is often portrayed as a total badass inside the ring, this was a fun side to see especially since a cover of “Pony” was playing. Cage even got a lapdance of his own from PPRay! A true happy ending.


The show’s first two matches can absolutely be skipped, but it turned into a really great show that is worth your watch. There’s nothing else quite like it.

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