AEW Fight For The Fallen Staff Picks

The Wrestlezone staff is back to pick the winners of AEW Fight for the Fallen. It’s an interesting card filled with what should be a few exciting matches!

Check out our AEW Fight for the Fallen predictions below!

Note: We’re missing a few matches because AEW decided it was smart to announce the bottom half of the card just days before the event took place.

Jimmy Havoc, Darby Allin and Joey Janela vs. MJF, Sammy Guevara and Shawn Spears

  • Tyler Treese: The faces will win. Also, there’s no way that Spears and MJF get along. Pick: Havoc, Allin and Janela
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: MJF, Guevara and Spears
  • John Clark: Pick: MJF, Guevara and Spears
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Havoc, Allin and Janela
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela – The faces pick up the win, and MJF will piss someone off, leading to him taking the pin.

Brandi Rhodes vs. Allie

  • Tyler Treese: Pick: They need some heels in their women division. Pick: Brandi Rhodes
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Allie
  • John Clark: Pick: Brandi Rhodes
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Mrs. Rhodes isn’t losing her first match in the company. Pick: Brandi Rhodes
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Wins and losses matter, and I can’t see Brandi losing her debut match. She could be a good heel in a division full of a number of fan favorites

SoCal Uncensored vs. Lucha Brothers

  • Tyler Treese: Lucha Bros. desperately need an AEW win unless they’re doing a storyline of them being in a rut. Pick: Lucha Brothers
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Lucha Brothers
  • John Clark: Pick: Lucha Brothers
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: SCU via some sort of shenanigans
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Lucha Bros – I can’t believe I’m saying it, but Pentagon and Fenix do need a win here. They tore the house down in their first AEW appearances, but need a strong showing and a W.

Adam Page vs. Kip Sabian

  • Tyler Treese: The company’s pet project vs. a guy named Kip? C’mon. Pick: Adam Page
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Adam Page
  • John Clark: Pick: Adam Page
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Adam Page
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Adam Page – As much as I like Kip, Hangman losing a match leading into All Out makes no sense. He needs to do something memorable to keep the momentum heading into next month.

Kenny Omega vs. Cima

  • Tyler Treese: Get Omega hot before his bout against Moxley. Pick: Kenny Omega
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: Kenny Omega
  • John Clark: Pick: Kenny Omega
  • Alex Santa Maria: Hard to bet against any of The Elite the way AEW has been going. Pick: Kenny Omega
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Cima – Upset of sorts, but we’ll see Moxley involved at some point, and he’ll factor into the final result.

Cody and Dustin Rhodes vs. The Young Bucks

  • Tyler Treese: Singles guys don’t need to be defeating your top tag team immediately. Pick: The Young Bucks
  • Harry Kettle: Pick: The Young Bucks
  • John Clark: Pick: Cody & Dustin Rhodes
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: The Young Bucks
  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Cody and Dustin Rhodes – As much as I’d like to see the Rhodes brothers have another triumphant moment, I don’t see it happening. No shenanigans, the Bucks just beat them in the end and look even stronger leading into the tag team tournament (they have to be in it… right?)