Powerslam TV Review | Smash Wrestling Episode 101

Powerslam.TV continues to add more great wrestling each week, and I will be taking a look at a past show in the streaming service’s catalog every Friday. This week’s show is Smash Wrestling Episode 101, which features four matches from the second round of their Northern Tournament. I covered half of the first round last week, so I figured I’d see it through to the end..

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Smash Wrestling Episode 101 | Stu Grayson vs. Jason Kincaid

I can’t recall having seen either of these two wrestle before, so I’m going into this with an open mind. For some reason, Kincaid is wearing really underwhelming looking shoulder pads on his slim frame. Despite the attire, Kincaid had some really fun offensive maneuvers and landed a fantastic springboard cutter  after a few minutes of enjoyable action. Grayson played his role as the more powerful man well and pulled off a slick looking jackhammer. The ending was sadly marred by what looked like a referee botch as he counted three despite Grayson kicking out of a backbreaker counter by Kincaid.

This was a fun match while it lasted but the ending made it end on a really sour note. Kincaid’s unique offense is very enjoyable to watch, though.

Smash Wrestling Episode 101 | Sebastian Suave vs. Tyson Dux

The story in this match is that both wrestlers are members of the same faction, The Pillars. I enjoyed Dux’s first-round match more than Suave, but neither made a huge statement good or bad. This wound up being a technically sound match that never really grabbed me. Suave wound up verbally submitting to a modified Boston crab.

Afterward, the storyline from last week continued as Anthony Kingdom James tried to reunite with him. Suave did just that and then they beat up the security team.

Smash Wrestling Episode 101 | Psycho Mike vs. Mike Bailey

Really enjoyed Bailey in the first round and I haven’t seen Psycho Mike before. He has a fun gimmick where he gets pep talks from his “conscious” before and during matches. This almost went wrong immediately as Bailey hit a high kick and almost knocked his opponent out. This was a lot of fun to watch as Bailey has great offense and Psycho Mike’s gimmick is hilarious. Bailey got the deserved win after landing a knockout kick.

Smash Wrestling Episode 101 | Ultimo Dragon vs. Evil Uno

Evil Uno, who came out with his minions at ringside, is best known as being one half of All Elite Wrestling’s The Dark Order and he’s going up against a genuine legend here. Uno is the much bigger man against the cruiserweight, but Dragon’s technical wrestling was able to even the odds early on. The finish came after the heel knocked down the referee and then hit Dragon below the belt. His minions then woke the referee up and just when he did, Dragon got revenge by getting in a low blow of his own. This forced the referee to disqualify Ultimo Dragon and declare Evil Uno the winner.

This was a fun match but the ending was really disappointing. Rarely am I a fan of DQ finishes.

Despite some issues early on in the card, the final two matches are worth your time.

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