Get The Tray Tables Episode 5: ‘Peaks For My Vegas Freaks’ – Kofi Kingston, Scott Steiner & ECW Draft Continues

Get The Tray Tables DeAngelo

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The Get The Tray Tables podcast hosted by WZ’s Dominic DeAngelo. Along with his younger brother Marcus, Dominic discusses the hot topics of the week as the two reminisce on their wrestling fandom childhood. The show features both a mix of current news discussion and a retrospective on older talent, shows and characters in the “one true sport” of professional wrestling. This week includes:

  • Dominic recaps his time last week in Las Vegas for the AEW Ticket Announcement Party
  • What can we expect from AEW?
  • Where will Dave Bautista land?
  • The brothers recap the WWE RAW from February 3, 2003
    • The formation of Evolution
    • The athleticism of Molly Holly & Victoria
    • Are the Dudley Boyz the greatest tag team of all time?
    • Eric Bischoff steals the show.
    • Scott Steiner as a babyface
    • Rob Van Dam withstands the test the time
  • Becky Lynch apologizes & WWE’s lazy storytelling
  • The re-emergence of Kofi Kingston
  • Round two of the ECW Draft takes place
  • …and more!

Next week Dominic & Marcus watch: WCW Chi-Town Rumble 1989 (30 YEARS AGO) – Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat – Watch along!

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