Justin LaBar

Justin LaBar is a contributor and Chair Shot Reality co-host. Wrestling became a part of Justin's life at age 3. Since then he has always wanted more involvement and exposure to it. Growing up, his grandfather worked with many of the arenas and promoters in the D.C./Maryland area to help provide transportation for the talent. This gave LaBar the opportunity, insight and more motivation to be part of the professional wrestling business..

Justin is is the Executive Producer and Co-host of "Chair Shot Reality" which airs every weekend on WrestleZone. LaBar also hosts a weekly audio podcast called "Wrestling Reality" which is available for download everywhere.  You can now read some of his WWE opinions on He also is a producer and performer for IWC Wrestling in Pittsburgh which has been a sustained indy company with history dating back to 2001. He is also occasionally featured on NBC Sports and 120 Sports for WWE commentary. He's a former WWE columnist for Bleacher Report and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


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