Now That We’ve Ruined The Earth, Scientists Want To Start Mining The Moon

Photo: Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto (Getty Images)

Coming straight out of the mad-scientist playbook, plans are in the works to dig into the moon.

European scientists have announced a plan to start mining the moon in 2025. The scientists don’t expect to find moon diamonds, although that would be sweet. Instead, they’re testing to see if we can take water and oxygen from the surface.

Because space is kind of short on water and oxygen, the idea is that you would dig your own. They’re hoping to basically BYOB for the galactic space party. Except instead of booze, it’s oxygen and water.

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If we’re able to mine these minerals from the moon, the thinking is we’ll be able to keep a permanent base up there. That would allow us to send people further into space because we wouldn’t have to go through the whole break-through-the-atmosphere thing as much.

Whether those stuck on Earth’s pet rock would eventually turn on us and lead a revolution is a bridge these scientists will cross when we come to it.

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Europe isn’t the only one getting in on this mining party. Both India and China have floated ideas about mining our tide-rock for Helium-3. As a fuel, Helium-3 is safer than most Earth-based nuclear energy options.

Either way, it looks like our moon is getting drilled soon. At least we’ll finally get to taste some of that sweet lunar cheese.