Stay Germ-Free On Your Errands With This $20 Touch Tool

TL; DR: An anti-germ brass touch tool at a 33% discount.

Staying away from germs should be one of your main priorities at a time like this. We’ll admit it’s kinda hard to keep that up, especially when you need to venture outside for your grocery run or other essential errands. You have control over how clean your body and immediate personal space is, but there’s no telling what’s lurking on buttons, doors, pin pads, or touchscreens your hand comes in contact with. Though current data suggests the risk is low for surface transmission of the novel coronavirus, “low” is certainly not the same as “non-existent” and, frankly, those public surfaces have always been gross.

You’ve gotta be sure to protect your hands just as much as you keep your nose and mouth protected with face masks. A great way to do just that is by snapping up one of these keychain touch tools from SafeFinger. This easy-to-carry finger hook helps you press elevator buttons, turn off light switches, pull handles, and close doors without making direct contact with your bare hands.

This handy hands-free hand tool is perfect for essential businesses, retirement homes, hospitals, and other places open to the public. Its portable design makes it easy to attach to any key ring so it’s always right where it needs to be. You don’t even have to clean or disinfect the SafeFinger each time you use it, as its brass design also has antimicrobial properties that help kill germs on the tool itself.

SafeFinger is an essential product during the pandemic and beyond. You can save 33% when you grab one on sale for just $19.99, or score an even better value when you upgrade to a multi-pack and share the love with your friends.

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