Post-Graduation Depression Is Real; Here’s How to Navigate It

It’s a known fact that students can suffer from mental health difficulties while at college, but what about post-graduation depression? If you’re a current or prospective student, you’ve most likely been inundated with clichés like, “College will be the best time of your life! Seize every moment while it lasts and make the most of every opportunity!” It’s certainly true that college can be one of the best experiences of your life. You study a chosen subject for three or four years and take advantage of the extracurricular opportunities offered. For many, it’s also the new start they desire, a different environment with new friends and a newfound sense of freedom. But what happens once the adventure is over, you’re no longer in a structured routine of security and you’ve got your degree in hand, showcasing all your hard work and achievements? What happens next?

Before graduates can even get to “adulting,” a state of limbo occurs. It’s that time between completing your full-time education and ferociously competing with others to land your dream job. A study conducted by City Mental Health Alliance found that 49 percent of recent graduates said their mental well-being declined after graduation. Although it may not be an official diagnosis, post-graduation depression is a common feeling used to describe the overwhelming and stressful feeling new graduates often experience. Graduating symbolizes a huge leap into adult life that we’re often not prepared for. It’s no longer about completing assignments and taking part in lectures, but about securing a job, embarking on a successful career, and living out your dreams. Since this can be a particularly stressful period in your life, we’ve compiled some helpful mental health hacks to help you navigate life after college and tackle post-graduation depression. 

Cover Photo: Rattankun Thongbun (Getty Images)

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