Balling On A Budget: 5 Cheap Date Options For College Students

Photo: Caiaimage/Sam Edwards (Getty Images)

Deciding what you want to do on your date can often be a difficult process, especially if your funds are comparable to the church mice in Robin Hood. We’ve compiled some wallet-safe date options that you may not have thought.

Baseball Game

Due to the domination of football and basketball on college campuses, baseball tickets run cheap pretty much anywhere you go. It’s not hard to find professional baseball tickets for under $10 in most major cities and some universities charge as little as a buck or two for entry into their games. The venue itself may also offer affordable or discounted eats.

Baseball games work well as a conversation starter; if the date is going well, the game should phase into background noise with occasional check-ins. And if the game itself is drudging on for too long and you and your date want to move onto other affairs, it’s no issue leaving early because the entry is so cheap.

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Nature Walk and Picnic

Nature walks and picnics are a two-for-one cheap date, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to plan. At the top of your to-do list: bring water. A good time can evaporate quickly if you or your date feel dehydrated. Also pack a lunchbox-style cooler with sandwiches, fruit, sweets, and alcohol (if allowed in the park you’re visiting). Pick a trail with a lot of shade or that runs adjacent to a body of water for peak ambiance. Stow a blanket, two small pillows, and a Bluetooth speaker (if you have one; if not, your phone will double as a boombox) in a backpack for getting cozy al fresco.

Bar with Live Music

Hit the bar on a live music night and get a concert included with the price of your drink or a meal. Make sure you do your research ahead of time, however, to ensure the band is worth listening to. A bad band could throw off the vibe, especially if it’s hardcore or metal. 

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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is not a typical date so you’re already setting yourself apart by suggesting it. Day passes at a rock climbing gym can go for less than $30 and you’ll learn skills like how to belay (i.e. pull people up the rock wall) in addition to climbing. Accomplishment-based dates can be a lot of fun with the right attitude but can go sour if you get too competitive. 

Weed, a Walk, and Netflix

You already have a pair of working legs and a Netflix subscription, right? Add $10 of weed (legally obtained) and now you have a decent date. Light up first, wander around, and invite your date in for Netflix.