Fall Eyewear Options Look to the Sky

Sunglasses are prominent in the imagery of summer. Sunbathers on the beach all have their dark lenses leveled against the hot sun. Baseball stars flip their shades over their peepers to snag a fly ball during a day game while the rest of us down our hot dogs and brew while wearing are own sunglasses.

These days, the temperatures are dropping across half the country as we round Halloween and head toward Thanksgiving. But, the sun still shines bright even as our planet tilts slightly away from it. The dual sunglasses released for the season don’t rely on any solstice to be useful.

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The designers at L.G.R. produce stylish sunglasses and standard eyewear priced for the higher end luxury market. They employ the finest materials and solid builds to produce good looking options constructed to last.

This year, L.G.R. released the special, limited release Photographer’s Edition (top). Inspired by fashion photographer Mario Testino. Using a retro jungle pattern look and unisex styling, the sunglasses benefit charity with 25% of the sale proceeds going to MATE, or the Museo Mario Testino, a non-profit center in Lima that Testino established to contribute to Peruvian culture.

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 2.07.35 AM

While not as expensive as the L.G.R. entries, the Aspire line of sunglasses and eyewear specialize in toughness. They’re forged from high-tech, flexible materials that apply a very martial arts-minded philosophy to protective eyewear. They bend, but they don’t break. They’re also made to fit lenses any optician or mainstream glasses store can provide.