Oktoberfest | Interactive Beer Map: Test Your Score

October is a week away, which means Autumn is upon us. The air cools, and there is a subtle change of odor in the atmosphere, leading to intense halcyon memories of brisk deciduous colors, sweaters, and Halloween. Oh yes, and beer. Can’t forget the beer. October is also, of course, the home of Oktoberfest, the German holiday whose origins are often a distant concern to the hearty beer drinkers of the world, who gather annually for 31 days to consume as much pretzel flesh and beer as their maws can handle. 

Esri, a website devoted to demographic taxonomy, has, in honor of Oktoberfest, constructed an interactive map, detailing which zip codes throughout the United States spend the most money on beer, pretzels, and sausages. 

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Also on the site are the top 10 cities that spend the very most on said items. Chevy Chase Village, MD, it turns out, spends the very most in the entire country, earning a perfect 10 on the Oktoberfest map scoring system. It may, then, behoove every one of us to look into a vacation to the small Maryland town for a celebration. Meanwhile, Metcalfe, MS earned a paltry 2.3, the lowest on the list.

The overall rankings might also surprise you. Milwaukee, for instance, known for its beer consumption, ranked lower than you might assume with a score of only 3.6. Meanwhile, Culver City, CA, home of the CraveOnline offices, trounced it with a score of 5.4. We’ll be sure to post that on Twitter under #OktoberfestScore.

Explore. Make bets. And see if you can personally drive those numbers up. 

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