Watch American Kids Try Australia’s Favourite School Snacks

Image: YouTube / BuzzFeedVideo

Image: YouTube / BuzzFeedVideo


Let’s admit it — Aussie kids have it pretty good when it comes to school snacks, even without America’s buffet-style setups.

What’s more, American kids aren’t aware of what they’ve been missing out on, and now the folk at Buzzfeed have let them taste test a sample of Australia’s favourite school lunchbox snacks, including all-time favourites like Mamee Noodles, Eucalyptus Drops and, of course, Vegemite.

So what’s the verdict from our American friends? Those dry Mamee Noodles and their weird flavour sachets received mixed reviews, as seen in footage of the test (below). The kids loved the Caramello Koala, of course, but weren’t so sure about the Eucalyptus Drops.

“It smells like soap,” one girl says after trying the koala-friendly lozenges. “It’s pretty good, but also kinda not,” says one boy.

Aside from the cute reactions, is anyone noticing that these kids are BITING AND CHEWING THEIR EUCALYPTUS DROPS?! Surely that’s worth a detention, or at least some time picking up rubbish in the playground.

Last but not least, the kids try the Vegemite Cheesybite crackers and dip combination. One boy says, “This doesn’t really pleasant me” (adorbs), while a girl thinks the Vegemite is actually chocolate.

You have much to learn, youngins’. Here, let Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Fallon show you how the real way to eat Vegemite.