Whiskey For Affordable International Gifts: Pt. 1


If you’ve ever traveled internationally and visited a Duty Free shop, you realize that not every whiskey makes it across all borders – even in the western, English speaking world.

For those folks looking for all-purpose whiskey brands available around the world for gift giving, I guarantee you’ll be able to find these brands ready to go.

Three Ships Whiskey: This is a popular brand distilled in South Africa at James Sedgwick’s Distillery. The most appealing blend emerging from Master Distiller Andy Watts is the Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish. The limited batch spends three years in oak barrels before a finishing period of six months brings it to maturation in ex-bourbon casks — forging a rich, woody finish without being smoky. 

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Angel’s Envy: You get a little less whiskey out of a barrel than you originally put into it for aging. That’s due to the evaporation process that deepens the flavor and heightens the alcohol content. Distillers romantically call that lost amount The Angel’s Share.

Angel’s Envy Kentucky Bourbon from late, great Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson. It is undeniably a craftsman whiskey, distilled in small batches and aged in eight to 12 barrels at a time. Interestingly, the distillers insist there is no set time for their creation process. They insist there is no set aging period listed for their Bourbon because they decide it’s ready when they decide it’s ready. Period. It’s a smooth, low burn, easy aftertaste venture into civilized sipping whiskey. It’s a Bourbon to be enjoyed on its own.

Sinatra Select: Jack Daniel’s is a mega-brand around the world, but even they can’t resist dipping into the small batch, boutique whiskey market. The Tennessee-based whiskey maker and Master Distiller Jeff Arnett introduced the limited edition Sinatra Select last year to honor the world famous singer and longtime whiskey lover.

Arnett accurately describes Sinatra Select as serving up “a bold oak flavor and a vanilla finish.” It’s aged is bottled at 90 proof, fit for the name it’s named for — and who was buried with a bottle of Jack.

Find out more about these special cross-border whiskey brands in part two coming up in 48 hours.