PhoneSoap Charger Zaps Your Disgusting Phone 

PhoneSoap-ChargerHere’s a not-so-fun fact for you: 1 in 6 cell phones has fecal matter on it. That’s the scientific way of saying there’s actual human waste on your phone—so when you complain you’ve got a crappy phone, 1 in 6 of you are absolutely correct.

In fact, studies have found the average cell phone is 18 times dirtier than a public toilet. And would put your face against a public toilet seat several times a day? No, of course not. (At least not without mass quantities of alcohol involved.)

Enter the PhoneSoap Charger, an ingenious device that not only recharges your phone, but also cleans and sanitizes it, killing all the bacteria and germs that are festering on its surfaces.

Relax. There’s no actual soap in the PhoneSoap Charger—it’s not like sending your phone through a car wash. The “soap” that PhoneSoap uses is UV-C light, perfectly safe for your phone and other digital devices, but deadly to bacteria.

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It looks like a tanning bed for cell phones—a clamshell with a UV light bulb in each side, under protective glass. Lay your phone down, plug in the charger if it needs juice, close the lid, and 4 minutes later your phone is germ free. An indicator light on top let’s you know when it’s done. That’s all it takes to rid your phone of illness-causing germs.

Since UV-C light doesn’t get hot, your phone is perfectly safe, the light won’t damage phone parts, or the case if you have it wrapped in one. The PhoneSoap Charger is also universal, and designed to fit even the largest smartphones. (You’re welcome Samsung fans.) And there’s an included USB charging cable, but if it isn’t compatible with your phone, you can swap it out for your own.

If your phone needs a cleaning and an overnight charge, PhoneSoap has unique acoustic outlets built in that let you hear your notifications, alarms, and calls even when your phone is inside. But while the PhoneSoap Charger can clean shitty phones, unfortunately it can’t solve your problems with shitty service.

MSRP: $49.95