Naked Bakers Tempt More Than Our Tummies With Tasty Trending Videos

Here’s a trend whose time has, um, come. (As will you if you dive into it.) There’s a community out there on the interwebs that likes to bake. In the buff. For your viewing pleasure.

Hundreds of videos are popping up on YouTube, OnlyFans, and a site (in)appropriately called Naked Bakers of nude women whipping up tasty treats. From strawberry shortcake to peanut butter cup cheesecake to THC chocolate bars, they’re satisfying the sweet tooths of the world who take the term “food porn” literally. (Don’t worry, savory savants; there are dishes for you, too.)

In addition to pre-recorded videos that take viewers step-by-step through a recipe, Naked Bakers also hosts a weekly live-streaming event that features a group of models testing out a new dish – and getting down and dirty, or at least a little bit flirty – while they do so. Deep-throating ingredients, boob play, human pyramids – it’s all par for the course.

Naked Bakers began out of necessity. Its founder, a 32-year-old television industry veteran who only goes by NB, started the brand in 2017 after a layoff. She began by filming herself cooking naked on her iPhone.

“I always had a dream of having my own cookery show, and I’ve always been passionate about cooking,” NB told Mel magazine. “For me, adding nudity to cooking just seemed normal. And honestly, you know, sex sells. I like cooking, and I like being naked. Plus, there was no other naked cooking show out there. I thought, ‘If I don’t start this now, I’m going to look back and wonder what could have been.’”

Well, her instincts were spot on, because now Naked Bakers boasts over half a million YouTube followers and 1,800 Patreon subscribers, who pay $10 – $50 a month. That’s a lotta dough.

While straight men are the majority of the viewers, and they flock to Naked Bakers more for boobs than cookie bars, NB is serious about the eats on her site. Every recipe is tested and can be safely prepared in your birthday suit at home (should you so desire).

As they say: if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Cover Photo: YouTube

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