Beer Before Liquor Isn’t What Makes You Sicker (And Other Hangover Myths Debunked)

When you’re young, it doesn’t matter how many shots of Fireball you take or how many beers you shotgun. As long as you take a few sips of water, you’re going to wake up feeling mostly rested, headache-free, and ready for bottomless bloody marys at brunch with your friends. But, as you get older, this ability to bounce back will get worse and worse. A few glasses of wine, a cocktail or two, or even a beer can lead to a rough, headache-filled next morning. You’ve heard tips about how to combat an impending hangover, but not all of them are actually true. That’s why today we’ve decided to debunk some of the most well-known hangover myths.

Photo: Ana Maria Serrano / EyeEm (Getty Images)

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