Study Suggests Millennials Are Afraid Of Sex, One In Eight Still Virgins At 26

‘Abstain’ chosen. Photo: AtnoYdur (Getty) 

Since I love my wife and I’m pretty sure she reads some of my articles, I’ll refrain from disclosing how many women I slept with before turning 26. For the sake of argument, let’s just say it was more than one.

According to The Telegraph, getting that first notch on their belts is becoming less of thing for millennials. A recent study revealed that more than 12 percent of them are still virgins on their 26th birthdays. The biggest reason for such high numbers of 26-year-old virgins walking around playing Candy Crush is fear of intimacy. Couple that with the pressure of social media and you’ve got…well, not that big of a problem, actually.

Still, thanks a lot, Myspace.

abstinence concept. Photo: CareyHope (Getty)

While one in eight millennials told the Next Steps project that they were still virgins, the figure could actually be as high as one in six. There were a fair amount of participants who didn’t answer that specific question. That’s one hell of a rise in abstinence, as “one in 20 reported still being virgins at around the same age” in previous generations.

Although missing out on some specific feelings, one thing they shouldn’t feel is embarrassed: You’re A 30-Year-Old Virgin And That’s OK

The Next Steps project is now managed by University College London, which has “tracked 16,000 people born in 1989-90 since they were 14.” The good news for the project is that even in 2018, nobody considers that to be stalking.