Study Suggests Effects Of Coffee On The Body Are Opposite Of Weed

Pot and Coffee. Photo: HighGradeRoots (Getty)

One makes you shit and the other is the shit. Of course, that’s not very scientific. Fortunately, it turns out coffee and pot have a much closer relationship than a silly play on words. Albeit, an opposite relationship.

According to Extra Crispy, a recent study conducted among 47 Finnish coffee drinkers revealed that coffee hits the body in the same spot as marijuana. The rub is the cups of joe will counter the effects of your weed. That actually makes a ton of sense when you think about it now. After all, how many people get the munchies after waking up to Folgers in their cup?

The answer is one (but my brother-in-law is always hungry).

To come to their conclusion, researchers told those 47 coffee drinkers to go without the tasty drink for an entire month. The next month, they were asked to drink four cups a day. Then came the whammy, as they were instructed to drink…wait for it…eight cups of coffee every single day for a month.

That can’t be good for you: California Now Needs To Tell Its Residents Coffee May Cause Cancer

Outside of constantly hurrying to the nearest toilet, researchers were stunned by the test subjects’ blood samples. They showed “coffee suppresses the same endocannabinoid chemicals that are produced by the consumption of cannabis.” Therefore, whatever your $20 worth of tainted peanut butter did to your central nervous system, coffee will basically come in and wreck the party.

coffee opposite marijuana study

Beginning morning with coffee and marijuana. Photo: RobertoDavid (Getty)

At this point, it’s up to you to make the call. Do you want to be awake for work or under the impression that you’re floating above everybody’s cubicle while singing soprano? Or, you can always mix the two and come to the realization that you just wasted both your time and weed? But hey, at least you now know any concoction of the duo isn’t worth your hard-earned cheese.